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  1. you still upgrade from 7 for free . http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows10upgrade
  2. @noj ....Idiot . And I thought you were smart too , that's my bubble burst
  3. Yeh common ground , separate action wires
  4. Looking good , the tech is the easy bit ,but get the wrap real good . The marque and the Button gfx . Ect . Try to stick to a theme rather than a cluttered every retro game icon montage . IMHO it screws up the aesthetic , think of the best cab art work that made your tummy flutter as a kid and run with that . Don't forget to do a progress diary, with pics ,I'm sure lots would be interested , iv grown out of it but iv had many vids and pinballs and a few themed fruit machines If you need any sources for parts or any help get in touch . If I was to do another one I would base it on Sega hardware The NAOMI (New Arcade Operation Machine Idea) is an arcade system released by Sega in 1998. It was designed as a successor to Sega Model 3 hardware, using a similar architecture to the Sega Dreamcast. The NAOMI was succeeded by the Sega Hikaru and Sega NAOMI 2 boards, though having out-lasted the NAOMI 2, Hikaru and Sega Aurora. The Sega Chihiro, or possibly even the Sega Lindbergh, could also be seen as successors. These have been hacked and can play some of the best games to grace the late arcade scene . And you can pick one up quite cheep in a net city candy cab for reasonable cash . For some games you you need the net card . Tokyo drift being one , so worth remembering
  5. Is it Mark Warburton and Barry Mcay ? And the fisting that they gave celtic, that your on about ?
  6. The point was, I think they didn't want to set a precedent
  7. Gumtree , just put your car as if your looking to buy in the bar at the side
  8. Sports direct licence a lot off the brands they sell , fat mike has shares in the brand holding company . It would surprise you how many brand names are just licences ,and the original company collapsed years ago.
  9. We have joint , my walking about money is in cash ,if I used a card she would see from her bank statement show much I spend . Lol , just use the card for paying bills and buying shit on the net . She just uses the card for everything .
  10. I saw 2 new shape RS this week , not as aggressive looking as the mk2 but still nice , anybody know if it's still the Volvo engine ? Allso saw an i8 , it was white with red , fooking lurvly ..
  11. It's big brother there watching you dude , best get the tin foil hat on .lol
  12. The device in question was on iOS 7 , so they could open it . Basically there looking for oem's to put in back doors . And gimp the remote wipe function
  13. I recently read on article on ARS about a guy in the states , he had all ready putt his hands up to the drugs charges . Yet the Feds are still seeking to have apple open the device. It's to set a precedent . And , as much as apple are cunts , I think there doing the right thing be resisting it .
  14. If there only temp , maybe to monitor traffic flow , never noticed them but I'll be looking out for them now .
  15. Thanks bud . Iv no idea what a letting box tool is . Sorry .
  16. Hi guys thought I would post on hear before putting up on ebay My late dad was a locksmith , and iv got a load of locks and door closers I need to get rid off. chubb union mortice dead locks , yale 77s , cabinet locks , keypad locks door closers transom and floor springs , panic bars ,hi security ally shop door locks and cylinders . basically all types of locks and door springs ,Ingersoll padlocks ect. loads of stuff anybody interest let me know what your looking for . cheers .
  17. Iv had a few , but what I find is , the gf gets jealous especially if the other girl is younger .
  18. http://www.bluelight.org/vb/archive/index.php/t-579372.html It seems I'm not the only one to have discovered this . Loads on google to back up my cure . http://www.bluelight.org/vb/archive/index.php/t-579372.html
  19. Valium bud instant cure. Then a fry up and glass bottle of irn bru .
  20. I'd buy an old machine and renovate it , a candy cab or something like that . Net city is the nicer I'd say
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