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Council Tax


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Not had mine yet but it was over 2 grand last year so i doubt it will be going down. Pisses me off because we don't even get street lights after midnight now. Not sure exactly what i get that makes it value for money. They should introduce a kind of council tax where all adults pay the same, we could call it the poll tax. Always seemed a good idea to me.

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Our council overspent on the new council office building by 12 million...yes overspent by 12 million!!!! A report in 2012 revealed that the "Cube" (new name for the council offices) was built with dangerous design flaws and almost double its original estimated costs and a capacity of only half of what was planned


They announced few months ago that are not going to try and recover the overspend "a decision that there is little or no merit in looking to pursue any claims against the parties involved in the development of Cube.


and you guessed it....our tax went up this year!!!

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Tax has gone up to pay social care across the UK.......The government is using the booming economy to build a £60 billion Brexit war chest but upping council tax across the UK to raise £1.6 billion for social care etc............makes no sense as per most of the governments ideas and plans.

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