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Solid State Drive ( windows 10 install )


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Morning all,


I have a 32gb solid state drive and a 2 tb hard drive.


I want to do a fresh install of windows 10, would it be better to install it on the SSD? And will it large enough with updates?


Also would it be a good idea to move my documents etc to D drive on the 2tb hard drive.


Cheers guys.

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I have a SSD for my C drive and the boot up time for windows is quite fast compared to a normal drive. Although my drive is a 500gb i have looked at the windows folder and it says 23.5 gb. Whether windows uses any more of the drive elsewhere i am not sure. Hope this helps.

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Not sure about windows 10 but my windows 7 is taking up 38 gb and thats not to mention all the other program files that store to c drive by default. I bought this machine 6 months old and although i install everything to my d drive i still have about 70 gig of the 105 gb drive in constant use.

Windows 10 will no doubt end up like 7. Starts small but after years of updates turns into a damn big file. SSD's are pretty cheap now and well worth buying. I'd definitely use ssd but buy a bigger one. I bought a 240gb sandisk for my laptop about 6 months ago for only £50 new. They are worth every penny, not just for bootup but for stuff like moving files between drives and devices and i notice a huge difference in extracting big 15gig files using winrar , even though the file will be on my d drive.

I think you'll be making a big mistake if you install the 32gb drive as a c drive, just way too small and i think the future updates for widows 10 it will make it just too small.

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Being quite honest mate although yes you will fit windows 10 on a 32GB SSD you are really going to feel the lack of space all the time........and catch 22 as running an SSD for anything other than an OS drive will be pointless and wasted.


I've got a 250GB SSD for my OS and thats upto 76GB used and i am quite sparing when it comes to where things are installed etc... so i can only see problems with a 32GB SSD if i'm honest, even moving the swap drive or removing it totally and your still on the limits with a 32GB at all times.


The point in an SSD is for the system to be quick and you can't even use yours for gaming etc as nothing worth playing will fit on it other than the OS, so your limited by the standard drives speeds.


Personally i'd have said anything below 64GB is pointless SSD wise.

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