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the NHS (this time its personal)


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well its nothing other than a cluster fuck tbh


ive had a poisoned finger for over a week so makes an appointment with the nurse, i just need it burst and some anti biotics.

the nurse cant burst it so tells me to make an appointment with the doc.

so the next day i go to the doc and she just tries to give me the same antiboitics. i tell her i just need it burst she says oh noooooo we dont do that kind of thing, i need to go to a+e, she then goes in a huff cause i say shes not a doctor at all just a pill dispenser. and do i really have to go and waste the time of a+e staff just to burst a fekkin finger???? she recomends the minor injury unit as it might be quieter.


so instead of sitting with people with broken legs and axes sticking out their heads etc i was stuck for 2 hours with wee oldies who had hell and hurt their knee etc.


minor injuries nurse wouldnt burst it either and gives me a poltice..... that wont work unless theres a fuckin hole for the stuff to come out so i say/politely demand she bursts it..... so she does a half hearted prod here and there with a pin without acutally bursting it. i want it lanced i say....oh youl need to go to a+e for that she says.


so here i am exactly a week after first going to see about it, still with a thobbing finger twice its normal size thats bright red and sore a fuck.

ill be off for a 4 hour seat in a+e tonight when i finish work.


(i did try and burst it myself but couldnt, its under too many layers of skin, it needs frozen first)

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i totally agree mate, theyve always been nothing short of perfect for me until this.

it just seemed to be not important enough for anyone to bother, i kept getting told "if it gets any worse come back" which basically left me thinking it just wasnt serious enough.

so i either pester the a+e over a trivial matter (for them), do it myself or wait till its bad enough for some one to give a shit.

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I had a poisoned finger once. Same as you it swelled up to twice it's size. Caused by a piece of rust coated paint that went up under my finger nail and caused an infection. It hurt like hell, just a constant throbbing pain that pretty much took over my every waking thought.

In the end i thought it was either a trip to A and E or sort it myself.

I bathed my finger in warm water to soften the skin. Stuck a heated needle up about 5 mil under the side of my nail where the paint piece had gone. Put my finger on a worksurface, made a fist with my other hand and hit it with the side of my fist as hard as i could.

Yellow stuff and dark blood just came shooting out, i couldn't even feel the pain. The relief was all i felt, couldn't believe the amount of crap that came out.

Take the caveman approach mate and just do it yourself mate. The cure is less painful than the symptom.

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Done and dusted. Was just waiting on the scalpel.

Didn't want to go down the safety pin route really.

Softened it up first then a simple strike with the scalpel just under a cm long. Spewed loads if shit..

Fekkin rank man.

Art least I've got the pills and the poltice to clean it out now.

I battered it off a few things in with today and the pain was incredible lol. Wasn't going through that again ffs.


sent from my phone

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