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Does anyone want to play a game on Sunday?


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Ok, when i'm bored i play a little game to amuse myself.

I go to the Daily Mail website and post joke or sarcastic comments to their stories. Other people rate your comments with either a green arrow for like or red for not like.

The idea is that on Sundays edition you post comments on their stories and we see who can get the most red arrows for the day. They're a fickle lot on that site and doesn't take much to wind them up and humour just sends them into meltdown.

Anyone want to play? We can post screenshots of our end results and funniest comments. Nothing spiteful, just joke and sarcastic stuff.

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All joking aside - 402 for this gem - "Show some compassion people, They are human beings". Ok I did simply stick that up as bait but feck me over 400 people felt strongly enough to "dislike", that really is a sad indictment of that paper, it's readers and sadly society in general.

I done 5 over all for a return of -606 in total.

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Damn, i was at the hospital most of the day yesterday and didn't log in here so i missed it :(

Well done Diddy, all you have to do is to be normal and show some empathy towards foreigners and the hate comes in by the bucket load. I do browse that site online but just shows that the majority of people who read it and comment have some serious personality issues.

Here's one of mine from Saturday. A comment from a story about a woman who got a huge payout from using talcum powder as a vaginal deodorant. The other readers were commenting that she couldn't have proved she used it every day.


Deborah Giannecchini who got cancer using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder wins $70m


I can confirm she used it. It's been 3 years now and i still can't stop sneezing.


11 likes and 18 dislikes. Could have been a good one if it stayed near the top for longer. I think my best ever was about 1200 red arrows.

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