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Your Favourite Ejuice Recipes


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If there's any other ejuice diyers on here, jump on board and share your favourite tried and trusted recipes...Anyone interested in getting started diying , ask away with any questions.


I'll start off with my 2 current vapes


I use Max VG in all my recipes but whatever you prefer...


Mothers Unicorn Milk


TPA Bavarian Cream 4%

TPA Cheescake (Graham Crust) 5%

TPA Strawberry Ripe 10%

TPA Sweet Cream 4%

TPA Vanilla Custard 3%


Chubby Bubble Vapes Blue Razz


CAP Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy 3%

TPA Bubblegum 6%

TPA Sweetener 1%

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Im a Menthol bastard!


Decedent vapors menthol is the strongest iv found.


Im not interested in making smoke im purely interested in the hit!, so Im purely PG. (as I understand it, its more tested and safer)


5mg DV Menthol,

9Mg nicoteen (52mg strength)

14 mg, PG



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Made my first e-juice the other day.


I went for key lime pie because right now it's by far my favourite juice. I used this recipe LINK and just altered to 60/40  percent in favour of VG . I steeped it in a warm bath because i just didn't have the patience to wait. I couldn't be happier with the juice, and have made 160ml more and will steep naturally this time.

I bought all but a couple of ingredients from Vapeable but was wandering if there is a cheaper alternative. I've seen cheap PG and VG on ebay but wandered if it was worth taking a chance on buying from there. I'm so sick of spending on ejuice and DIY mixes seem the way forward to me and once you get passed the initial expense the juices are so cheap. There are quite a few recipes i want to try and hopefully learn how to tweak them to my own liking. 

I think there's a lot to be said for vaping a juice that you have created yourself from base ingredients, not just the saving. Gone are the days when i first started with an ego kit from Jester and 10ml would last a few days. It gets pretty damn expensive when your vaping using a mod and buying ejuices online that you end up binning because they taste like crap.

What i'm really looking for is a cheap concentrate supplier. My next order will be a big one because i want to buy a good stock of concentrates to start trying other flavours. I have a few friends and family who vape and are chomping at the bit to sample some home made juice.

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I usually wait for a promo code from Darkstarvapour

Their prices are pretty good already tbf but they do a lot of promo codes and they'll usually send you a code for your next order so it sometimes works out cheaper if you make a small order to qualify for a discount code you can then apply to your main order.

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