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Crimal Record - visit to Canada


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My 13 year old boy was brought home today by the police and cautioned in my presence.  He's be running around with a group of boys stealing wheely bins and setting fire to them.  Its his first offense so expect a stern lecture and/or fine.  My problem is we have a family holiday booked to Canada in a few weeks and I know they have strict rules regarding crime.  If I phone the consulate for advice they will then be aware of our visit and probably try and stop it.  I'm hoping the legal system moves slow and he's not dealt with before our holiday.   We are in Scotland if that makes a difference

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If he was cautioned then that it, all done and dusted.....unless he was charged you have nothing to worry about.



He was read his rights - anything you say will be taken down in evidence etc, and they mentioned two charges - theft of the bin, and the setting fire to it, although he claims he did not actually set the fire, as he was part of the group they are all guilty of theft and arson.


I've done some googling.  A community sentence seems to be appropriate - one of 4 results. fine, be good boy order, make good the damage, or locked up.    I think its a fine he'll get and end up with a record and thus be inadmissible for Canada unless they don't include minors.  Here's hoping the wheels move slowly and I'll be there and back before the attendance at court.  The Mrs has already volunteered me to stay behind if he's stopped from going. :(

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Ahh well if he has been charged then yeah reason to worry a bit but until he has been to court and either plead or been found guilty he wont have a record etc....if your away in a few weks then you'll be fine mate, you'll have court, pre sentencing etc etc before he gets any record Canada would know about. Our courts dont exactly move fast so i'd say you'll have had your holiday long before the court process is finished with.





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