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videos, walkthroughs and the like


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one thing that i really really hate about kodi addons .... 

is these video walkthroughs that people make


just give us the address and simple written instructions and stop being up your own arse and full of your own self importance that you make people sit through a stupid video sometimes 10/15mins long when they could read the how to in 20 seconds.


the stupid accents, burping, coughing, going off topic and claiming "people have been asking me to make this video" (no they fucking havent) just does my tits in.


this is how a "how to" should be done in my opinion https://seo-michael.co.uk/tutorial-how-to-install-money-sports-video-add-on-kodi/

clear simple WRITTEN instructions with a few screenshots as an aid.


and remember the yank who used the addons "without permission" a few weeks ago?.....well he did a 2 HOUR video in response...ye like your going to sit through that, then he wondered why no one had heard his side of the story lol



this rant came about because its always annoyed me but last night i was trying to find a fix for dnapro tv guide and had to sit through hours of people talking about different errors where as if it was written id see instantly if it was the same problem i had or not.


just stop it.

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lol ye i know snuffs but even scrolling back n forth just to find where they type in the address is a pain and simply isnt needed.


dont they realise that you cant watch a vid AND change kodi on the same machine at the same time either, at least you can print written instructions lol

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