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Google's Nik Collection of Photo Editing Software Is Now Completely Free


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Google's Nik Collection of Photo Editing Software Is Now Completely Free


Nik Collection, seven powerful photo editing desktop plug-ins from Google, has dropped its price from £99 to being completely free for everyone.

As of yesterday, the latest Nik Collection that includes Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro, and Dfine can be downloaded and used by anyone at no cost. With this suite of plug-ins you can add colour correction filters to your photos, retouch photos, add creative effects, sharpen images, adjust tonality, reduce noise, and more. If you happened to purchase the Nik Collection earlier this year, you’ll receive a full refund in the next few days. You can download the Nik Collection at the link below.

Google Nik Collection

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You can also use these with GIMP read here Bernhard Huber and below is a copy of the py code as it makes for easier reading on here. ;)


 programlist = [

  ["Color Efex Pro4", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Color Efex Pro 4\\Color Efex Pro 4 (64-Bit)\\Color Efex Pro 4.exe\"", "tif"],
  ["Silver Efex Pro2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Silver Efex Pro 2\\Silver Efex Pro 2 (64-Bit)\\Silver Efex Pro 2.exe\"", "tif"],
  ["Viveza2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Viveza 2\\Viveza 2.exe\"", "jpg"],
  ["Dfine2", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\\Dfine 2\\Dfine2.exe\"", "tif"],
  ["SharpenerPro3", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Google\\Nik Collection\Sharpener Pro 3\\SHP3RPS.exe\"", "tif"], 
  ["MS Paint", "\"C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\mspaint.exe\"", "bmp"],
  #["XNView", "\"C:\\PF\\XnView\\xnview.exe\"", "png"],
  #["MS Paint", "\"..\\..\\..\\..\\WINDOWS\\system32\\mspaint.exe\"", "bmp"],
  #["InPaint", "\"C:\\PF\\Inpaint\\Inpaint.exe\"", "png"],
  #["Deep Paint", "\"C:\\Program Files\\DeepPaint\\deeppaint.exe\"", "jpg"],
  #["Inkscape", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Inkscape\\inkscape.exe\"", "png"],
  #["PaintDOTNet", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Paint.NET\\PaintDotNet.exe\"", "png"],
  #["MyPaint", "\"C:\\Program Files\\MyPaint\\mypaint.exe\"", "png"],
  #["Photo Filter Factory", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Photo Filter Factory\\Photo Filter Factory.exe\"", "png"],
  #["Photo Pos Pro", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Photo Pos Pro\\Photo Pos Pro.exe\"", "png"],
  #["Java Image Editor", "\"C:\\JavaJars\\imageeditor.bat\"", "png"],
  #["Java Mosaic", "\"C:\\JavaJars\\mosaic.bat\"", "png"],
  #["JDraw", "\"C:\\JavaJars\\jdraw.bat\"", "png"],
  #["Vector Magic", "\"C:\\Program Files\\Vector Magic\\vmde.exe\"", "png"],
  #["Photo Clinic", "\"C:\\MAGIX\\Photo_Clinic_45\\PhotoClinic.exe\"", "png"],
  #["Smilla Enlarger", "\"C:\\utils\\SmillaEnlarger\\SmillaEnlarger.exe\"", "png"],

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