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'New' Apple SE


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Even if i was an apple fanboy which i'm not, i wouldn't be buying one unless someone can give me damn good reason why i pay £359 and some fat yank pays only $399. I'm tired right now and can't be bothered to check the conversion but i know damn well i'd be getting ripped of with that.

Give me my cheap reliable android, plays my podcasts, streams the radio and plays candy crush when i'm bored. Makes phone calls and sends texts too. Does apple do anything my droid can't?

Also in my experience most people with an iphone tend to be wankers.

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I'm no Apple fanboy either, but I might just go for this.


http://www.slashgear.com/iphone-se-appears-on-antutu-with-2-gb-of-ram-22432726/ shows it pisses all over the newly released Samsung S7 and also beats the iphone 6S as well (obviously a smaller screen does help as well)

But not everyone wants to chug around a phablet, the SE is pocket friendly and has better battery life. -In the words of Dragons Den, "I'm in"


There is potentially a way to get this much cheaper in the UK than the prices suggested, but it all depends if the stars line up for availability and retailers not changing their T&Cs ;-)

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