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Seems like utter condemnation of the new qualifying.  Only caught last 20 mins and there were no cars on track at the end.  WTF

Looks like we will go back to previous qualifying for next session.  Will Vettell get close tomorrow?

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Qualifying has been confirmed as returning to the 'old' format (thankfully)


Radio ban was relaxed just before the race which again was a good move


Good race, results are maybe what was expected but not so straight forward


How ALO walked away from his crash I don't know but glad he is ok


Ferrari will be kicking themselves

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Agrre with you there Bob.  Cracking race i thought and it looks like we are now going to have a championship rather than one team walking away with it.  Your right how the hell did Alonso walk away from that.  Shows how the cars safety has been improved over the years.  Can't wait for next race now to see what happens.  Bring it on!!!

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