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And people wonder why and where ADHD comes from. No patience, frustration and ignorance of the younger generation. A lot of us here have grown up having mastered patience, based on waiting times for games to load and entering code from the likes of Crash and Zzap64.


So easy to forget how much easier techno-life is today.

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PMSL, i got my first PC when i was 6, an olivetti M20, i had a writing and a paint program, oh and a game called paratrooper (i think) which all had to be loaded via 5 1/4 floppy using DOS....128K memory, no hard drive, was well quick. :D


Had a commodore PET too, had qbert on that. :D

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First comp I used was a bbc job...best/only thing you could do was work out a good milk round route.


sent from my phone



Nooo, don't slate the BBC mate. I learnt Basic on that, spent many an hour coding to then run and have a f**king wire frame donut drawn on the screen :D .

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