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Windows 10 upgrade remover


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Im on Win7 and Im also pissed off with the win10 popup all the time. I got home from work the other day and I had left the laptop running. When i looked at the screen it basically said it was about to start installing win10 ffs. I stopped it in time.


Im trying out "GWX Control Panel" from boycies link. It says I have over 5 gig of data in my win10 download folder!!

Well that seemed to do the trick... thanks

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Depends what you mean by windows 8 crap tbh.


Biggest gripe i had with win 10 to start was that it wasn't win 7 but since then its the OS of choice for me on my system as my main OS, i have a few virtual machines running with various Windows/linux etc etc but again its Win 10 on this system runnign everything without issues (touch wood).


Thing is since 95 when a new OS is released by Microshaft it seems to be a thing that every other OS is shite. 95 shit, 98 great, millenium shite, shite, shite, shite, and more shite, Xp great, Vista shite, 7 great, 8 shite, 10 great IMHO.


Like 7 windows 10 has never caused me any bother and just runs and runs, i've done nothing more to Windows 10 software/settings wise than i would with win 7 and tbh other than the "apps" being on the right of the startbar (which i quite like tbh) mine looks and runs just the same as 7 and besides which you can easily make it look exactly like 7.......more importantly i'm using the newest and most upto date OS and i know it inside out.

I wont say its all been plain sailing, to start the idea of a settings and a control panel was a WFT moment but again i know win 10 inside out now so as with every other windows before i have no issues getting it how i want it.






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I'm with Snuffs on this one. Again, not sure what you means by 8 crap, but you can have a normal desktop and start menu. If you don't want all the live tiles on the menu just turn them off after that, you can pretty much operate it just like 7. I have 8 on work computer and hate it, but 10 is miles better. Although I don't like 8, it does seem faster than 7.



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