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    Are you still wanting to sell your drone JoSweet....I might be interested. Thanks.
  2. How did this guy get away with it? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-35437118
  3. Well done England for making it nervously to the semi finals. A nail biter against Sri Lanka indeed. Looks like we will be playing the Kiwi's for a place in the final.
  4. Had my m18 for a few days now. I first upgraded kodi to Jarvis (it came with a Jarvis beta). Then i put the special build on. Had a few crashing issues with that build at first but its running ok now. IVUE is still a bit slow to load though. My fire stick was something like 2-3 mins,,,,with this box its more like 30 seconds. It came with a shitty adapter plug/travel adapter. Seems a decent box. Nice and quick compared to my old firestick.
  5. I hope the Beelink is better. Im already making plans on ordering something else before Ive even got it! Mind you Ive only got the Firestick to compare it with. So I guess Ill be content with it.
  6. Thanks pal.....I shall endeavour to up the quality.
  7. Hi guys...any chance of VIP. Reached 40 but the quality is questionable. Cheers....
  8. My order looks like its with "Belgium Airmail Registered" as of yesterday. With a note saying "Delivery estimate: 10-25 business days" !! I do hope its quicker than that.
  9. NoOne

    CCTV diy

    Thanks guys....think ive decided for 2.8mm lens. Im going for a couple of ip cameras with poe (power over ethernet) and a stand alone recorder. NVR. Cheers
  10. Yeah that's about what I paid. I added a keyboard remote thing and it came in about £52. Probably have to wait 6 months for delivery though. I'm sure it said Chinese stock somewhere on the order. Bollocks...who remembered to choose the UK plug option...
  11. Best of luck techmob.....If its any consolation thanks for the Beelink tip......I see you use the firestick aswell. ...its painfull at times. My firestick has locked up for the last time.
  12. Just seen this....I had no idea you can see past mots. Ive been checking out my old and sold cars and also just keeping tabs on the neighbours vehicles aswell....
  13. NoOne

    CCTV diy

    Thanks its a tough decision....Those examples start at 4mm....Im wondering if I need 2.8mm. Is there any way one can simulate the lens size with a digital camera to get an idea of what different lens sizes the cctv will capture?
  14. Ive orderd the Beelink M18...happy days...bye bye firestick. To be fair on the stick though, Ive probably rammed too much stuff on it.
  15. Is he still claiming for whiplash noj ?
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