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  1. Been reading about Kraken...as i did about some many years back. So im going round in circles again i suppose. can someone give me a brief overview how i go about investing...say using kraken for example. Is it straight forward to even take the plunge ? Thanks
  2. Anyone still into this? Ive been considering it for years but never take the plunge. Dont fancy getting addicted to staring at my phone all day chasing rates though.
  3. Wow...just watched the vid update from H. Theres a real message in there. U never know whats round the corner. I lost someone and I still think about the times we had, and at the time diddnt know they were the best it would get. I guess im just saying to treasure moments. Best Wishes to H
  4. Just checked this out aswell.Its very interesting seeing what was where my house is 100 years ago. The town I live in has changed so much
  5. Yeah the pubs nightclubs have just gotta shut. I understand a lot of jobs there are at risk but we have to make some sacrifices for the greater good. The schools are a massive risk though. All the usual mums are crowding around gossiping like nothings changed. Only a few wear masks on school premises. I home schooled my lad during lockdown, he learnt much more with me in a few months than he learnt in a whole school year. Problem is though, that is not for everyone and I was lucky as could work from home. Plus he was a right bugger messing me about and misbehaving. he is only in year four now, just turned 8. It must have been a nightmare for exam age kids.
  6. Always knew the kids going back was a big potential vector for the virus. School is not saying much just some basic announcement. Im of the opinion this is just gonna have to go through the population eventually. Problem is some of us are high risk..myself included.
  7. Maybe its the end of an era....i wish all of the old members the best.
  8. I forgot about this place...found it again when trying to find out about modshack downtime...i hope the shack gets going again but if not maybe some more members will find there way here.
  9. NoOne


    Are you still wanting to sell your drone JoSweet....I might be interested. Thanks.
  10. How did this guy get away with it? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-35437118
  11. Well done England for making it nervously to the semi finals. A nail biter against Sri Lanka indeed. Looks like we will be playing the Kiwi's for a place in the final.
  12. Had my m18 for a few days now. I first upgraded kodi to Jarvis (it came with a Jarvis beta). Then i put the special build on. Had a few crashing issues with that build at first but its running ok now. IVUE is still a bit slow to load though. My fire stick was something like 2-3 mins,,,,with this box its more like 30 seconds. It came with a shitty adapter plug/travel adapter. Seems a decent box. Nice and quick compared to my old firestick.
  13. I hope the Beelink is better. Im already making plans on ordering something else before Ive even got it! Mind you Ive only got the Firestick to compare it with. So I guess Ill be content with it.
  14. Thanks pal.....I shall endeavour to up the quality.
  15. Hi guys...any chance of VIP. Reached 40 but the quality is questionable. Cheers....
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