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Can't post in coding section


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I wanted to make a post in the coding section, but I get an error saying that there aren't any child forums.


I have check other sections that don't have any posts and there I get the option to create a new post, but not in the coding section.

Is this a permissions thing because of my post count or something else?




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I mean the third section from the top of the homepage: Forum Rule, Announcements and Updates then "Coding", which has the subtitle "help with programming".


I can see both of the other sections mentioned above and get a button to click to create a new post, but don't get that on this section.


Looking again now at where it is; it might not be what I thought it was. Is it a Forum software programming section?


So, in that case, can we have a computer programming section (specifically advice for newbies at it like me)?

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Thanks Fon,


In the coding section, there's just a subforum for coding websites. Could we have a section for general coding (as distinct from reverse engineering or cracking) for pointers regarding which language/package to use if getting started?


I've played with Basic and bits of C, but anything I've written is so long ago and the only surviving executable I have only runs from a dos prompt.

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