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Finding the best VPN


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Sorry to say mate but that site is so wrong, i've got both viprvpn and ghost premium and both max out my speeds (70+Mb) if i choose a UK based server, and both get well over 30+meg for US and most other countries...according to that page ghost gets 5 in UK and most other places around the world and vipr only scores 6 in UK and less elsewhere. So dont know how they are testign these VPN's but they need a more accurate method as the current one is so far out its paintless.

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Will a VPN help my Kodi?


I'm struggling at the moment with every build I try, is it because the sites are blocked?


Kodi noob here.....




Who's your ISP as some you need to turn off web protection.


Hi Boycie


Im plusnet here, my daughter is using sky and having similar problems...



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Dragging up a semi old thread here.....

Has anyone got a vpn recommendation?

Need a few T's but I'm not so happy with the risks as things currently stand...



Still on ghost premium here mate, up to now i've not had any issues at all with it, nice user interface, doesn't leak any DNS info or your real IP and its very easy to use, UK based server will hide you and maintain high and stable speeds.....more than enough to download torrents etc and bypass any (or most) geo restrictions.


If your only ever going to use a VPN to download then maybe try using TOR as a socks proxy instead, its free then and you should remain hidden.




FWIW mate ghost also works on iphone.

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@ snuffs,


I'm presuming you are meaning CyberGhost? If so, can you apply settings to the router to avoid the need for setting up individual devices?


Yeah on about cyberghost mate. And yes afaik you can set up your router to run it so all devices connected to the router are hidden, it runs on openVPN so provided your router is not locked down to your ISP's services etc i can't see why you'd have any problems.....however from what i understand in order to change country etc you'd have to access the router interface each time to change settings, but you'd have to do that with every VPN if you chose to have ti through your router........ I only have it running on my PC mate as i currently have a homehub 5 which doesn't allow much "advance" settings, can be done but very hit and miss with this shitty router.


I only went with Ghost as i got a cracking deal (£20/year sub) but as i say not had any issues with it and tbh its more than enough for simply downloading shite.....if your planning on hacking sites or anything then i'd probably be more inclined to go for a "better" VPN service along with a decent DNS server like vipr etc but all in all IMHO ghost is more than good enough for the average joe bloggs.

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Can't really help in any way mate as i don't have it done via my router.


Well thats one way to make me feel a cunt though. :D


Last time i recommend a product.


Soz mate, not my intention.


Weird how you say you still get your full fibre speed but mine is 1/5 of normal  o.O I've raised a ticket with them.

The router thing was weird. It would not work with merlin firmware. installed stock and it was fine but didn't have the option to turn off. Put merlin back on and it works fine. That's all a red herring though - main issue is slowdown in speeds.


Which server do you use - I'm on 1-gb.cg-dialup.net ???

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I've got way mroe than 2 to choose from and mine are all labelled London s02-101 etc, remember i log in via their windows GUI.




I'm running cyberghost premium on version and do more or less hit top speeds on both up and down on most servers.


I've just logged onto that London-S04-103 to check the speeds. I pay for infinity 2 (78 down 20 up)


Here is the result from London-S04-103





I assume you've followed one of these instructions to set up your router??




I may have to go the router route and see if it works ok for me !!!!!!


One thing i have noticed is the following.


Routers are not equipped with state of the art hardware, meaning you will have speed losses when using a VPN connection (due to minor CPU power to process encryption). Direct connections (from your PC, Laptop, Tablet, etc. to the VPN network) will work better for you, if speed is among your favorite desires.



P.S according to that vpnify site boycie posted to start that server you've mentioned (1-gb.cg-dialup.net) is currently runnign @ 38.59Mb/s down and 34.20Mb/s up....maybe i was being too harsh on the site if its going off specific servers like the one you've posted about.

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