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TomTom GO Mobile Android app


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Here's a copy of this thread I made last November, all links are still working.


TomTom GO Mobile app


I've just got a copy of this and installed successfully on my Galaxy S5.


Either get the original new .apk version of Tomtom Go from the Play Store:-



Or download from this link :-



Install the GO_1.7original.apk and then run the programme. You do not need to download any maps at this stage.

Next use your application manager to uninstall this Tomtom programme.



Now install this patched file - GO_1.8patched.apk.



Run the programme and you can download any of the available maps (I have downloaded 2 maps - both were over 900mb, but they went onto


the external memory card in my phone)


30 mile navigation limit is removed and license is extended to 2049.

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Here is the latest version of the Tomtom Go Mobile Android app = v1.10

I have installed this on 2 phones - Samsung Galaxy S5 with TomTom Go version v1.8 and Samsung Galaxy S4 with TomTom Go version v1.9

On both handsets I installed it over the previous versions and it works fine on both phones.

The Freemium license date is now valid until 31/12/2100.

There are 2 new features in this version.

In the 'Settings' there is a Power Saving function - either None, Basic (The 3D map shows fewer details) or Extra (The 3D map shows fewer details, and the guidance view is less smooth).

In the 'TomTom Services' there is now an option "MyDrive Sync" - you can sync your destination, places and routes and access them on all your devices (and it does work :) ).


On the Galaxy S4 (with previous v1.9 on it) it installed and updated without any problems, kept all of 'My Places' etc and I did not have to download the maps again. Then I used the MySync function and saved all of My Places.

On the Galaxy S5 (with previous v1.8 on it) it removed all of 'My Places' etc. and I had to download the maps again. Then I connected to MySync function and restored all of My Places :) :)


Download TomTom Go Mobile v1.10 here -



I don't know if you can use this for a fresh install - you might need to install and uninstall any of the ORIGINAL versions (1.7, 1.8, 1.9 or 1.10) as per my original post for the earlier version. (If you do try a fresh install please let me know your result.)

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Thanks Russell1 Whats new in v1.11


Cheers Mike


Found this info -

We've just released a new v1.11 of the GO Mobile for Android and it's available for dowload in Google PlayStore.


What's new?


• Help improve our maps: Report map changes by looking up a location on the map. Or mark a location for reporting later on by tapping the chevron while driving.

Our review team will check your reports carefully and consider including them in future updates to our maps.

• If you want to avoid a specific traffic jam along your Route, you can now tap on the upcoming jam icon in your Route bar and select Avoid.

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