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DIY Arcade Machine


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Evening all.


I am looking to build myself an arcade machine, preferably full-size, but would consider going for a table-top version to start with.


Has anybody got any pointers or maybe links to similar projects?


There's a guy on eBay selling laptops fully-loaded that you fix inside a table-top housing and another offering PS2's....I'd much rather understand all the options and then do it myself :D




Any pointer would be appreciated.

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http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/ is where i got all of my information from, bought most of the stuff from ebay,  i running mamewah on mine tho its no been turned on for about 6 months, first one i built i was lucky to have got my hands on an old gauntlet 4 player cabinet that i stripped out, and put the pc inside it,  then copied this http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-Cab-arcade/


an ipac 2 is so simple to use for the controls, my first one i hacked an old keyboard controller, took bloody ages, there a few people selling the software setup ready to go on ebay, just put on the system, put roms in correct place and all done.


i have a touch screen in mine and can use it as a jukebox too

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Absolutely loads of builds on Instructables.


I'm part way through buying the bits needed for http://www.instructables.com/id/2-Player-Bartop-Arcade-Machine-Powered-by-Pi/ using a Pi2 but might go down to a Zero if I can .

Tweaked the design to what I have lying around and already done the CNC programs @work just wait for some spare time on the machine so I can get the foreigner done.


USB sound card and amp from Aliexpress.

Joystick set from http://www.ultracabs.co.uk/usb-interface--standard-joystick-set-109-p.asp


Finishing touches will be done once I've done the main build.

Not sussed the power distribution yet. Easiest is a power strip inside the cab with everything else plugged into that but might use an old PSU if the mood takes me at a later date.

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Will be fine for most games.

There's one or two that are quite intensive. Oddly, from what I've read, Marble Madness is one that can run slowly on the Pi and that's a fairly simplistic game to look at but I suppose the physics of it need a lot of computing power.

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How much if you don't mind me asking, Minty! ?? Looks the dogs dangly bits IMO :)


I have been trying to build one of these for about 10 years now, when I say trying I don't mean physically, I mean, I just research the bits, download what i need then other things pop up that priority every time!

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£79.99 + £15.00 delivery. Bartop/ fleebay

£51.00 controller and buttons.


I've been just like you, looking and reading.

So it's a bit expensive to let someone cut the mdf, but I don't have the time, and it's the only way for me and the kids to get out arcade machine.


Also doing some decking in garden, so this is my little treat.[emoji6]

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I have a full size working Jamma cabinet with CRT monitor in Exeter. It needs a good clean as it's not been used for a few years but you can have it for free if you like.

Also have a JPM fruit machine from 1986 which worked when last used but when I checked it a couple of months back a bit of smoke came out the PSU!!


Have a few jamma boards - some work some don't but they all did in 1992!!

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Looking good , the tech is the easy bit ,but get the wrap real good . The marque and the Button gfx .

Ect . Try to stick to a theme rather than a cluttered every retro game icon montage .

IMHO it screws up the aesthetic , think of the best cab art work that made your tummy flutter as a kid and run with that .


Don't forget to do a progress diary, with pics ,I'm sure lots would be interested ,

iv grown out of it but iv had many vids and pinballs and a few themed fruit machines


If you need any sources for parts or any help get in touch .

If I was to do another one I would base it on Sega hardware


The NAOMI (New Arcade Operation Machine Idea) is an arcade system released by Sega in 1998. It was designed as a successor to Sega Model 3 hardware, using a similar architecture to the Sega Dreamcast.


The NAOMI was succeeded by the Sega Hikaru and Sega NAOMI 2 boards, though having out-lasted the NAOMI 2, Hikaru and Sega Aurora. The Sega Chihiro, or possibly even the Sega Lindbergh, could also be seen as successors.


These have been hacked and can play some of the best games to grace the late arcade scene .


And you can pick one up quite cheep in a net city candy cab for reasonable cash .


For some games you you need the net card . Tokyo drift being one , so worth remembering

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Wow, cheers guys!! [emoji6]


Sorry fluffy, your too far away, thanks for the offer.


I did find arcade stickers what chizh posted but not a lot there, if I can source the artwork, does anyone know where you could get it printed ?


Also I got this diagram on how to connect the controller and buttons:










So I guess the ground wire connects to a controller or button then Spurs of to another controller/button.


Then the other cable( action wire ) connects back to the usb / to the number you want.

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