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  2. Apple know they have fanboys, and that their phones are considered somewhat a status symbol... (not so much of late tbh) Nothing special in this new phone... oh its water resistant, not water proof as stated in post 1
  3. I have a 3d printer, An Anet A8. I'm fairly new to printing so have only used Cura. it seems to work fine for me so I haven't bothered with any other way. I have only used PLA so far. I haven't had the need to attempt to make my own designs yet as everything that I have wanted has been found on Thingyverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/ How strong is the stuff it prints? IE could you use the printed (object?) mechanically? can be very strong depending on Infill amount and material used. How long does something take to print? Something like a phone case or a cigarette size box could take 4 hours or so, speed vs quality can be adjusted or balanced. Does it smell? PLA no, Although I have not used ABS, it smells and the fumes can be toxic. Does it use a lot of electric? About the same as a ham radio. How much does the stuff you stick in it cost to make say a phone case? I buy dual filament rolls of PLA (Excelvan) for around a tenner delivered (ebay). they last ages. example, 1kg spool could print 392 chess pieces Here's a couple of bits I have made so far: Geiger counter case.
  4. Stunning! I'll get my coat................
  5. Mine did this, I scraped off what I could then feathered what didn't come off but as soon as I started to roll with new emulsion, the remaining paint started to flake and stick to the roller. right pain in the ass it was!!
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    63! you might want to start cutting lawns or cleaning windows, it won't be long before you start meeting old lady's at the bingo hall that will need their odd jobs done On a serious note, I hope it all works out for you ok fella.
  7. I want to start printing cases for handheld systems using the raspberry pi & Pi zero as the main CPU. (Speccy, mame, snes ect..) Here's a snes one that someone else has done: airport_gag2.doc
  8. Will do Fon... I went for this one in the end, (Anet A8 3D printer (RepRap Prusa i3)). It should be with me within 7 days. http://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers-3d-printer-kits/pp_343643.html It cost me about £150 with 7 day shipping to the UK, Here's hoping it gets through customs without a snag. From what I have read in a facebook group, they post with Yodel and so far not been caught with customs fees. I'll update when it gets here
  9. I'm keen on buying a 3D printer but as I'm a tight bastard I don't want to spend megga bucks on one. There's a lot of budget ones like this for under £200. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221985481951?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649 I know you get what you pay for and the idea of a kit is great too, so has anyone built and used the one above or can suggest any other printers < £200
  10. You must be very local to me if that's your local club. I was a member there back in 2000 for a short while. I'm close to landing my hands on a Kenwood/Trio 440s HF so hopefully, when that's sorted I'll be back at the club for my foundation
  11. How much if you don't mind me asking, Minty! ?? Looks the dogs dangly bits IMO I have been trying to build one of these for about 10 years now, when I say trying I don't mean physically, I mean, I just research the bits, download what i need then other things pop up that priority every time!
  12. I mentioned one of these in another post recently, anyhow.. This is Trackm8 swift eco Has anyone else used this system, can it be "weakened" in some way ? I'm sure it uses a Tri axis accelerometer, works via gsm and has tamper proof protection. I have thought of earth magnets to mess the axis controller or a gsm blocker, either way I hate the fcuking thing!
  13. I tried waze and it often crashes on my phone (note 4). I purchased a Garmin sat-nav at xmas for my new job, it has voice recognition and dab traffic report. the traffic is shit on it. Google maps is my main choice but I can't set it to avoid toll roads so have to be careful when routing around the m6.
  14. I left three to go with giffgaff 4gb data £15. better signal than three at home too.
  15. My dad, who passed 27 years ago when I was 15. would love to tell him how shite my life turned out.....
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