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Name this tune


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On ‎05‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 9:13 AM, ktv303 said:

sounds like an old ege bam yasi track with a vocal mixed in.


give it a few days any the set list will appear on https://www.setlist.fm/setlists/carl-cox-63d63ed3.html

Thanks, but doesn't seem to be any sets on that link for CC

Listening to his new gigs on youtube brings back memories and I actually got Virtual DJ and did a few mixes just the other day.

I dunno what it is about music, but no matter what's going on in life, a seriously good beat with vibes is enough to lift ya.





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Ye theres no many that can beat cox on the decks mate.
Been listening to nina kraviz a bit recently, she's not the most technical dj I've ever heard but she can get your toes atapping if you know what I mean. Check out her exit festival 2016 set, it's Fekkin excellent imo or her London printworks one for something a we bit deterrent.

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2 hours ago, 2tone said:

Some of these sets are on sound cloud with full track listing, but can I find this one its as if part of the mix missing from them.


Do you have a link to the full  mix   


----https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neMDecnemTw - track is in 52 mins in

remove the ---- from the link. For some reason, youtube links result in an 55-inch attachment lol

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Well Ive been able to find another video that has some track listing but as you can see the ones that are missing is what you need 


D. Mongelos - Impulse (Original Mix)

05:55 Harvey McKay - Terma

09:34 Reinier Zonneveld, Digital Primate & Axan - Solid Block

16:10 Slam - Make You Move

21:13 D-Unity - Our House (Steve Mulder Remix)

25:58 Fabio Neural - Stop The Rot

27:38 Leo Blanco - La Mañana (Agu Lukke Remix)

32:35 The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon mix)

35:30 Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink - Eighties

40:45 DJ Jock - Old Tape Stories

44:15 ID - ID

48:11 ID - ID

50:17 ID - ID

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