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  1. The bit about Russia and China is really interesting when you look back at some of the stuff about Gaddafi on line, think he was more or less trying to set up his own currency that he wanted to trade oil in was it the gold dinar. A lot of top people where saying if he and the rest of the African nations had of succeed america well most of the world would have been screwed over some saying gaddafi had around 150 tons of gold unreal when you think about.
  2. Track at 50 is ( Rina - Youri Donatz ) so there must be another tune dropped over this .
  3. Well Ive been able to find another video that has some track listing but as you can see the ones that are missing is what you need D. Mongelos - Impulse (Original Mix) 05:55 Harvey McKay - Terma 09:34 Reinier Zonneveld, Digital Primate & Axan - Solid Block 16:10 Slam - Make You Move 21:13 D-Unity - Our House (Steve Mulder Remix) 25:58 Fabio Neural - Stop The Rot 27:38 Leo Blanco - La Mañana (Agu Lukke Remix) 32:35 The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon mix) 35:30 Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink - Eighties 40:45 DJ Jock - Old Tape Stories 44:15 ID - ID 48:11 ID - ID 50:17 ID - ID
  4. Some of these sets are on sound cloud with full track listing, but can I find this one its as if part of the mix missing from them. Do you have a link to the full mix
  5. Some of these sets are on sound cloud with full track listing, but can I find this one its as if part of the mix missing from them.
  6. To tell you the truth the likes of bosh, dewalt and makita are pretty good but I find the snap on stuff to be really good and you can find some really good deals on there stuff if you shop about. One thing I could say that will make your bits last longer always use the tork settings on a drill that's why its there to stop you over screwing and wreaking what ever your screwing in to.
  7. Not sure to tell you the truth as everything I use is dewalt and Panasonic, but knowing most of these manufactures there might be something different about the battery contact lay out could be wrong but.
  8. Should have went for the blue Bosh bit more robust than the green but as you said its for around the house so should be ok.
  9. Went to Boston this year, flights and hotel was £3000 for the three of us just wanted to do something different this year but we are already talking about next year and quite like the sound of some of these Euro parks there seems to be some really great deals out there and theirs loads for kids to do at them. There is also these new cheap air lines going to the states seen return flights from the states for £170 per person.
  10. I wounder what your wife will use that impact drill for , on another note don't really like the milwaukee stuff seen to many break on jobs also watch buying of ebay it could be a cheap Chinese copy might be better going to screwfix or b&q. Impact Wrench
  11. Have a couple of cordless drills for work, best one I have is a Panasonic 36v cordless but that's for bigger jobs my other cordless is a dewalt 18v 2.0ah I would recommend it to anyone great drill. I've tend to stay away from bosh drills as I had a couple break on me before.
  12. Cant seem to log in or I've forgot my password more than likely the last
  13. Is there some thing up with private messages. Every time I try and send one it keeps telling me my messages are full and need to delete some I've only one message that I can see in my inbox.
  14. Can just see are IT guys face now trying to tell my boss no more outlook, Ill definitely want to be in the office the day that talk happens.
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