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6 weeks of school holidays!


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Wait till the rain comes Weds Thurs, you'll be on Valium. I've one who works as a TA and he's off and one at colleague who's off for God knows how long. Both in bed all fookin day rotting away. At least with my 2 I can say "Fook off pub" jobs done. There's nothing worse than the summer hols . They use to go to football boot camps held in local schools say for two weeks, I fookin made them go even though they hated it.

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Summer Clubs are the way to go book them in to everything even if its the gardening club, I don't know how much more I could take to tell you the truth. Last year she was texting me all day then when I came in from work it was I'm bored what are we going to do, so this year I booked her in to everything she wont have time to be bored this year.

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