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Utter sh!t day


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So I gets up to find the binmen decided to not empty my bin because it was 5 yard away from were everyone else puts them out so I will have to take it all out and to the tip stinking the fookin car out the lazy twaats. My lads car fails MOT, he's off work ill so skint and needs £350 spent on it (dont ask) bank of dickhead Dad to the rescue collected that this morn and to drop mine off for it's MOT. So walked about a 1.5 mile and drove his home after I paid out £350.


Then drives mine up, fails, unknown to me the trackings been out and worn one side of a tyre down and the other side on its borderline again due to tracking so £191 for 2 tyres , tracking MOT. Then I has to walk home to wait for it to be done and it fookin lashes down, I only have a t shirt on so I lobs it in the washer/dryer and that fookin broke down, dryer no heating.


Then the wifes whatsapp's , she's in Benidorm , drink in hand 32F sat outside a bar , fooked off aint the fookin word , rant fully in order,


All binmen are fat lazy fookers 

Garage rip off t*ats,

LG are a load of vank

Wife is a greedy pishead of a bitch


Rant officially over   .... for now !

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