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Theresa May calls for a general election


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Very calculated I'd say but you're spot on with the other 2.

Her main opposition comes from within her own party so I'd expect quite a few deselections of mps.

It's purely a party political stunt to grab factional power and smacks of everything that is anti democratic.

And it could give the snp another chance to hand her her arse on a plate again if they get more seats. Even the same amount will be claimed as a mandate for Indy so may will be betting on them losing quite a few.

Can't see it happening tho tbh

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I think the whole thing is quite clever of May tbh. Tories are almost certain to win by a mile and it'll mean they then have full control over Brexit etc.


For the first time in my life i'll be voting Tory mainly because i actually like May and because i think the tories are a better party to get us through brexit etc with the best deal.


I doubt the SNP will gain seats and are more likely to lose some tbh, the SNP are IMHO the UKIP of Scotland, all about themselves and weakening the UK as a whole with the fantasy of being better of on its own etc etc.


Time will tell i suppose but was a master stroke of May to call a snap election, almost certain to win, will be in power throughout he brexit process and beyond and gets rid of the dead weight remainers who will do everything they can to cause bother in the brexit process. .

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