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London Terror


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I'm not that terrorised by any of it but common sense tells me that it will only get worse and there will come a time when one of these terrorist acts will claim thousands of life's. Probably in the form of chemical warfare.

I won't waste my time climbing on my soap box to point out the 101 things that are wrong with the immigration situation in this country and the 1001 things that is wrong with a small minority. Instead i'll just go about my daily business and pretend that i like Muslims and that they are welcome here. Just like the law tells me i must.

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As per usual (probably stems from the IRA days), Everyone just seems to ignore it and get on with their stuff. 


Has this really terrorised (scared ) anyone not involved?



That's what your meant to do mate, ignore them. Terrorists by their very nature want you to be scared that's why we ignored the ira etc don't play their game. The media during these things do the terrorists jobs for them with spreading the fear these days but that's the plan all along, get us hating a religion then get paranoid when extremists hate your back. It's been the way in America for eons so now we do the exact same. It helps the powers that be in their wars and keeps us under control.

In the 70s and 80s when the ira did some horror their religion was never mentioned, the news didn't care or accuse Catholics if not doing enough too stop it, their religion wasn't one of hate and they weren't all to be shipped out to a Catholic state. They knew 99.999999% of the religion where against it but never demanded they all spoke out at every event.

The media and the gov pedal the fear to suit they own ends and most people swallow it hook line and sinker.


I dont hate Muslims, it's a religion peacefully followed by billions of people who never harm anyone, they've suffered the most under these extremists but their life is cheap according to the west.

There's that many Muslims in the world if they all wanted us dead, we'd be all fuckin dead.

I don't care what building someone talks to their sky wizard in on a Friday Saturday Sunday a nutter is a nutter no matter where he goes.


Sorry but people who shout bloody Muslims after these events are just showing they don't have free thought, they read the news and hate who they're told to hate.


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I'm pretty sure that the IRA never carried out a single attack in the name of the Catholic church.

The fact of what's happening is that more and more Muslims are being radicalised and the threat of terror in the name of Islam is increasing by the day.

Why should we just accept it and remain silent?

There is no end in sight and no apparent solution to the problem. The fact is that a Muslim can't even cough without 10 members of the family or Mosque knowing about it and yet whenever something like this happens everyone claims to know nothing.

Ktv, 10 years ago i'd have been saying the same as you but i'm just losing that tolerance i once had for them and they don't help themselves. I live 20 minutes from Leicester town center, 30 minutes from Derby and 50 minutes from Birmingham and they are just taking over whole areas and are insulated within those communities. Believe me, my views are the views of the majority of people within my region, not just white people. I have Indian friends who feel the exact same way. Perhaps you don't have quite the percentage of Muslim population that we do but if you did then i wonder how long before you lost patience with it all.

Why is it that every other race, nationality and religion can find a place in our society and fit in but they can't? The fact that others do is proof that the problem isn't us.

I don't live in fear of terrorism but to be honest an act of terrorism on a large scale could push many people over the edge and they will have a problem that they or the law enforcement of this country can't handle. I don't have any issues with Islam, people are free to practice religion but they need to tackle this problem before it gets worse because the rest of us just don't have a solution.

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Fair enough I get your point, but maybe they are ghettoized because of the them and us agenda that's getting portrayed, and 99% of the extremists victims ARE Muslims so where does that stand for the doing it in Their name?

Muslims have been living amongst us since the dawn of time with no real issues..

this guy explains what I was trying to say about the media way better than I could.


These people are terrorists, nothing else. The very fact their religion if bought into it is what us creating the division.



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