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the dreaded winter flu/bug/plague/ebola has arrived


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woke up this morning feeling like utter shit.

by 10am i had the full on cough, headache bug thingy.


so now sitting in work feeling like death with a heart beat


what do you do to get rid of such ebolas? 


whats your cure?


Yep been zombfied  with that since Friday. I'm on the steroids and antibiotics now ( underlying lung condition)

Drink plenty and stay in the warm.

If ya cough up green see a doc.


get well soon

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I usually have a yearly chest infection around Nov like clockwork but for some reason was lucky and seem to have got away with it last year...fingers crossed i don't get anything though as my body tends to shut down and i'm in bed for a week on deaths door...saying that i do have a small tumour in the back of my head which needs sorting so in the grand scheme of things i think i'd be happy if a cold/flu/bug was all i had to worry about. :( I've already had part of my skull removed a few years ago to release pressure on the base of my brain and spinal cord and have a great scar down the back of my head about 5-6 inches long, so will end up with another scar once this latest issue is sorted..who knows i may end up with a perfect cross on the back of my head, or maybe the letter T as its about an inch above the top of that scar. :D



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FFS ktv, i bet you feel like a whining girl now ;) For some reason i can't quote Snuffs post

I know a lot of people who have had this years flu bout though, 3 have ended up in hospital with it. There's a cold going around and a lot seem to have that but Flu this year seems incredibly bad, i don't think i'd wish it on anyone. Well, Blair, Cameron, Osbourne and Sturgeon but really nobody else :)

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Fuck sake snuffs indeed.

I was only half joking with the sniffles ffs. Hope your ok mate and that's a belter of a scar you've got there.

I generally get some chest thing at least once a year, last year's about this time put me in the hospital for a month. Scares the Shiite out ya when they stick you in the cancer ward and the poor fuck in the next bed is being told he's got days.

Always put that down to the smoking causing a weak chest.

Tho last year during this time I eventually stopped smoking after 30 add years after realising I hadn't has one in a month.


But all in all that's nothing compared to you mate.


Al the best


sent from my phone

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Haha, i'm good mate considering and was just having a general moan as was feeling shite yesterday with a headache from hell. lol

I was going to have a tattoo of a needle and thread sowing up the scar but never got round to it, will wait to see what else they do before i get one now though.


As for chest infections and smoking...well you may be on to something there as i've cut down drastically on the green front which is probably why i skipped the annual chest infection in Nov...that being said there is plenty of time yet as its bloody freezing and i still smoke so fingers crossed i'm chest infection free this year too. I know the scar and what not looks bad but all in all i was in and out of hospital after just 5 days with that, other than hurting when moving my head i didn't really feel that bad to be honest.

When i have a chest infection i feel way worse so dont go thinking chest infections are nothing as they are just as deadly and horrible when they take hold.

I hope you feel better soon mate.

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