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any budding photographers on board?


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ive always been into taking random photos, ive got a fairly decent camera but it rarely leaves the house so most of the time i just use my phone, 

its the galaxy s6 so has a half decent camera on it.


i just generally take pics of anything that catches my eye...heres a couple of recent ones


my view



random nicht shot



random walking about shot



pub window



pub jug






any snappers want to show us theirs?

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Nice pics mate. I think if people post more it may inspire me.

When Kwan posted his threads on the cave it convinced me to take up photography. I spent nearly agrand on a Canon DSLR and lenses, cards spare batteries. Took a few pictures of my cats and some flowers in the garden and only used it a couple of times since. Total waste of money for me . The biggest problem was getting to grips with everything it does and the manual is about an inch thick. At some point i'll give it another go.

My phone is a nexus 5x and the camera had supposed to be pretty good. I'll try and take some this week and post in this thread.

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cant remember off the top of my head what kind of camera i have in the house but it was about £250 and i totally agree about the manual etc, theres so many settings it simply does my nut in to figure out what setting for each pic, exposure etc it was just a pain in the arse really plus its a bit big to carry about all the time just on the off chance of a random pic. taking it our for a purpose, hill walking, wedding etc is ok as long as i just stick it on auto features lol.

i find the phone way easier, ive always got it on me so its all too easy to to snap away willy-nilly.

the good things about it too is that it auto uploads them to my sky drive thingy so theyl never be lost.


get yours up mate and lets have a look, i could post 1000s of random drunken pics lol

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Nice Pics,


I also bought a decent camera, and more importantly expensive lens's.


Hardly used them. The plan was to use it as the kids were growing up, but its so easy to use your phone.


Would anyone be interested in a themed competition?


Maybe each week or month we make a theme that you have to get pictures off? Like reflections, or sunsets etc..?



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