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I've resigned with BT infinity 2 a few weeks back, managed to get a decent deal on my package (phone, TV and BB) so can't complain. My package was £62/month but is now £52/month all in for the next 12 months. Was a bit gutted that vodafone now do fibre without the line rental costs as it pisses me off having to pay for line rental when i don't use a home phone......... but all in all i'm happy with the service from BT upto now.....as long as you never have to ring them for anything they are great.


Does anyone know anyone on the vodafone fibre? is it any good as when my contract is up with BT i think thats the route i'll be going if ti is.






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Got last year's MSE deal - almost free for 12m. Price jumped to £27 from October so phoned them to cancel a couple of weeks ago intending on moving to BT.

Ended up with a £20pm retention deal, upgrading from 12Meg ADSL to their Fibre unlimited.


For new comers to Sky this is another great deal and as always, loyalty counts for nothing.

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My infinity is up for renewal soon, also interested in the Vodaphone deal. I can't be arsed to even try and negotiate a deal with BT, no matter how many times you tell them you don't use the home phone they continue to spend 90% of the time trying to tell you the great offers on phone calls.

I'm put off by signing up with sky, i still use torrents and too many times in the past they've turned over peoples details to any law firm who have asked for them.

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i think something fishy is going on.

gone to sign up using the code i got , only to get a new screen saying the things i chose are no longer in my basket and have been removed.

been trying to get through to them on the phone , been on hold for nearly 50 sodding minuits listening to sodding robbie williams and some scotish lass telling me what im missing.

Sorted. I was only on hold for a hour...

Not a bad 12 month deal, glad to be getting shot of that flakey virgin media ripoff gang, until my deal runs out of course

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