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Bathroom Ceiling, any advice appreciated


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I have exactly the same problem except i have yet to remove the flaking paint. My plan after i have scraped of all the dead paint, is to sand the edge dividing the two, followed by bleaching the lot in order to clean and kill the effected area & either use Silk emulation or the dulux bathroom stuff .

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I have the same problem, just above the shower cubicle. Most likely cause is that despite me telling the mrs to put the light on and trigger the extractor when she leans into the cubicle to wash her hair in the morning, she just ignores me and i think the steam from the shower rises and condensates on the ceiling. The house was new when we moved in and i have no idea if they even used proper bathroom paint in there. I plan to just sand and paint, only a small area so if it doesn't work i'll look for another solution. Unless of course someone here suggests otherwise.

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This is because there has not been a primer coat to the plaster/ or a piss coat( watered down emulsion.


Zinzer is exspensive, but get the red tin with shellac, it's the best and will prime very good.

or a thinned down coat of oil based undercoat (cheaper option) but you have to wait 6 hours to dry.


Then get a bag of easyfil, mix up like filler, then get a chalker, to spread of damaged area, wait to dry, rub down with 80 grade sandpaper, then seal with zinzer or Matt emulsion.

( repeat till smooth)


Ok then top coat:

Oil based eggshell. (Best)

Vinyl matt ( I prefer )

Or water based eggshell ( kitchen and bathroom paint)

Or crappy vinyl silk


Two cotes needed of top coat you choose.



You can also just feather in the edges, instead of filling the whole area, once rubbed down, it will blend in.

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Thanks all especially time-served Minty.


Got the job done, 3 coats of that Red Zinsser (damn that's expensive) and 2 coats of Bathroom emulsion after. Sanding down seems to have worked to mix both surfaces.


Only thing was, the first coat of Zinsser went on like it was piss, was dripping everywhere despite mixing. After leaving it open for a while, it was only then the mixture thickened up.


I have another bathroom to do (no hurry since this job took ages), so which would be the best type of Roller and Sleeve to use to ensure a smooth finish? I used a Foam sleeve for this job and found the finish to be not entirely smooth, would ceiling best be done with a microfiber roller?



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