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how many times can you leave europe in a week?


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ill admit i did have a chuckle with my mates but most of us had money on england so werent really that happy about the dispicable performance.

i had bet £50 on them during the tourny and every one lost. i wasnt going to touch them last night but a new members promo from paddy power offering me 5/1 made me stick another £10 on them. a few of my mates had been saying back iceland for a few days but i mostly put that down to the "anyone but england" mentality...well more fool me ffs lol


a mate had £5 on an italy, iceland double at 28/1. jammy sod

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I'm not really a football supporter but kept switching over last night when the commercial break was on while watching 24 hours in A&E and I thought I was watching the local lads on the park.  Continually passing the ball backwards WTF.  I thought the idea was to get the ball in the goal at the opposite end. 

So why are we so crap when it comes to international football?  Is it the manager or is it the players?  Answers on a postcard please :)

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