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Eu referendum again


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I just read this on FB,


"Just watching good morning Britan and even boris's father has just said REGISTER TO VOTE please don't think you are automatically have a vote THIS IS NOT AN ELECTION IT IS A REFERENDUM AND YOU MUS T REGISTER"


unsure how true it is yet? But my ol mum don't do internet or technology so how the fuck is she or millions of other elderly folk gonna get a vote?


IMO A government ploy to to stop the oldies who will most likely vote out from getting a vote. In favor of the technology minded young whom i guess are more in favor of an in vote.


I've just regged me and the mrs, will contact me ma and do hers too.


Get regged here






UPDATE :- Do I need to re-register to vote in the EU Referendum?


Anyone who was already registered to vote (or recently registered) before the 18 April deadline for the elections taking place across the UK on 5 May will also be registered to vote at the EU Referendum and will be able to cast their vote. You do not need to re-register.

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