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Just bought a nexus 6P


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Couldnt resist. 


Apple fanboy at work tried to switch to android and didn't like it. I got a 64GB for £160!!


Great phone, really fast, but its HUGE!!!


Not sure if im going to like the size yet, although starting to look at my S4 and it looks too small. 


Will report back after a week of using it. 



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Results are in..


The phone is the fantastic.


Its very fast, great screen, great battery, and will charge from 0 to nearly full in an hour!


Im used to the size already. But you will have to change the way you use your phone.


Although the size looking at is seems normal now, the way you hold the phone etc is going to change. Very little one handed operation. I thought this would be a problem, but you do adapt quite quickly.


Its also very nice to use android the way google wanted you to. Its only when you use stock, you really realise all the crap the other manufacturers have put on top of it (not just apps)



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