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A Catchup With HackmanSlim


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It's been a long time since I released a video of my vaping escapades, I have purchased some new items, so i will briefly talk about them, but that's not the main reason why I have made this video.

The real reason I have released this video is to see how you are all doing, and my vision is to release a video twice a week, of just general banter in the e cig world, or if money prevails, mods and tanks and other accessories, but for now, please enjoy this video :)





Happy Vaping, and can't wait to hear from you all :)


Slim :D

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No no no! Don't tell me about any gearbest sales :)

I've received 3 packages from China already this week so my pockets are empty and I'm sat here trimming down my Diablo wicking just waiting on another 2 more packages now.


What's drawing you to the Laisimo HMS?

The big screen and bluetooth connectivity sound like they could be good but I'm erring towards the Cuboid atm for my next mod.

Looks like there may be 3 versions of the Laisimo coming out with Sigelei and Snow wolf putting their names on them, so they must be confident about the chip.

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Didn't realise there were 3 other versions of the lassimo coming out, so that will keep me busy on choosing the one that suits me the best, and what makes me choose the lassimo about any other mod,well i just like the next step up in screen technology, that might not be a good enough excuse to upgrade, but tbh,i am willing to take the plunge with it.


Oled screens are good, they clear, and vibrant, and they can have a nice focus on colour, but with the lassimo you can even have your own wallpaper, and that really lures me over to that technology


Any way glad you like the vid, there's more to come very soon, so lets keep the vaping community alive and kicking !


Slim :D

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