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Using others luck...cause I have none


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Feels like I've not win many bets lately... The outcome of most footie bets I've dinner had been nothing short of embarrassing most weekends with only rare winners... I'm prob still up a few quid this year right enough but 1 in 8 up does fekk all for your confidence really.


So anyway today I decided to go for the national... £2.50 each way on two horses, so I picks my horses then remember how utter Shiite I am at this so just decide the next two prior who walk by me in work will pick my nags so i just ask the next two that pass to pick a number 1-40, first guy picks number 6.. the only non runner... That's my luck to a tee this weather..so I don't ask him again.


Next two pick number 29 and number 7.


Random luck from random people.


Ya dancer [emoji1]


sent from my phone

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