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100 piece security bit set


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I buy quite a few of these for work and in my experience the ones that come in the blue cases are better quality. I've got a set of black case ones and couldn't remember why i don' t use them, just checked and the security ones have the holes drilled not quite center and it makes them weak so i stopped using them but i notice i already broke a few of the others without holes. Probably ok for light home use though.

Some of that kit on ebay is pretty good. The Bergen stuff is pretty good quality, silverline is pretty crap though. I prefer to buy it off ebay, we have pikies in vans selling the stuff but i can't be bothered to spend half an hour haggling over the price with them. Also it's surprising how many times you see the exact same kit that snap-on sell under the brand bluepoint on ebay as draper or something else at half the price. I rarely buy snap-on now and prefer facom because you can swap it at Halfords without the hassle you get from snap-on reps trying to say you've misused it.

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