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Mobile signal bad at home, how can I improve it ?


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Were all suffering from poor mobile phone signals at home, we all have sim only contracts and at the mo I'm on IDMobile (I think it uses 3 network) wife and kids on Tesco (o2) eldest on Virgin sim only. I've ran checks and it seems were on the fringe for the nearest towers. Downstairs is the worse and I struggle to get text and calls till I shift upstairs or they all come in 1 foul sweep. I've resorted to whatsapp for messaging but calls are a mare cutting off and losing signal mid conversation.




is there anything to improve all the signals ? I know each provider have boosters as such you can buy but we regular shift from provider to provider when better deals come out. Do stuff like this work ?;-




or are they just a chinese swizz ?

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A m8 of mine uses something similar. It worked ok for a while then the power supply went pop , he now has trouble finding correct one to run it as it is some weird volt/amp config.

A lot of phone company's now have a wifi app so you can make calls via wifi , might be worth a look.

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thanks, but the thing is , we never know who's on what provider at any 1 time it's all down to the deals and whats on offer. I prefer minutes , my eldest prefers data 4g so for most of the time we might be on 2 if not 3 different providers. I just need something to improve the signal for the whole household.

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