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Vhs conversion to PC


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Anyone done this, if so what did you use or recommend?


Looking for a cheap solution.

Have a bunch of vhs with a video player, I have a tv capture card, it's pretty old and I have not tested it yet as I am missing some cables. In principle it may work but can imagine it being a tedious process with the very old software, so far from ideal anyway, so depending on cost of other solutions it might be worth just going for that, rather than messing with this old capture card.


Any recommendations out there?

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Firstly, dont try to record off bought content as its more than likely macro vision protected and your screen will strobe when watching it back. However, if u use Vdub to capture rather than your commercial s/w, the macro vision protection should be ignored ;)


Try to capture with as little compression as possible. This will stop dropped fames, stuttering, Audio sync issues ect.. and improve the quality of the sample. Edit and compress after, once u have the captured video on your HDD.

If u can find a stand alone (under the tv type) DVD recorder, that maybe easier for you>


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They are old holiday videos of the family etc.


Looking for a capture device that will do the job.


Thanks for the tips


ive got one you can have as i did the same last year - PM me your details and I'll post it over,

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