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  1. Got married, bought a house, got silly into some hobbies (cars and keyboards) - real mix of stuff
  2. Haha! Hey man, I wonder if that wiki edit you did is still there...
  3. Hey folks - forgot all about this place over the years. Glad to see it’s still about and some of the regular names still here as well
  4. Daz - I could kiss you man - my Mrs might stop naggin me long enough to watch the F1 now!!
  5. anyone got a link to the kindle version of these? the Mrs is banging on about them before holiday... cheers lads
  6. ive got one you can have as i did the same last year - PM me your details and I'll post it over,
  7. thanks everyone - Ended up paying for the cost of repairs myself although wasn't too much in the end. I also now have a dashcam fitted to all cars in the household as well.
  8. Yeah I ballsed up on that one - they asked if anyone was in the car with me - I said no. then they asked if anyone came to our assistance - I said no. then they asked if that meant there were no witnesses.... so fucked up on that one myself
  9. So first thing I need to say is Fuck*ng Insurance Companies!!! Now I've got that off my chest... Apologies in advance for the wall of text!!! on 8th Jan I was in a bit of a collision - nothing major. Stopped on a roundabout at traffic lights (Chain bar at Cleckheaton near Bradford on the A58 if anyone knows it). I'm third car in queue, one of the middle lanes. As we are at the red light (and it was rush hour - 7.25am), the cars coming onto the roundabout filled the available space, and a truck trying to get to the inside lane blocked ours after the lights. Lights go green and as lane is blocked car no1 doesnt move - waiting for the traffic to move on. Car no2 doesnt like this - goes into reverse (to presumably go round car no1) and comes barrelling into me. Luckily I had the handbrake on so didnt go into the car behind. Car no2 starts driving off, but I flash him as I start following him and he pulls over in a layby just off the roundabout (on the A58 towards halifax - bit of a truck stop). We have a chat - look at cars - his is a company car (works for Kings Security in Bradford) can't see any visible damage at the time as its dark etc, but I snap a pic of his car anyway. he writes down his name and number and off we go. I get to work and take some pic's of my car when its light - turns out a bit of chrome is scuffed and there is a bit of a gouge in the paint on the bumper - so not much on the outside, but car had been rattling - all the plastic insides of the bumper are broken and loose. I give the insurance company a call that night, give them all the details including hsi name and number etc - and insurance company arrange for car to be fixed. Turns out later that day that his details are incorrect - no one at the company with that name and phone number is not correct (although I suspect its prob close to his real one as he wrote it without thinking too much). Now - I hadn't heard off the insurance company so I give them a call - turns out he is now claiming I drove into the back of him! Cheeky Fucker - and is now claiming whiplash etc... To make it worse - the insurance company are siding with him claiming its the most likely scenario...fuckwits!! Any suggestions on how to take to forwards? I'm pissed off that my insurance will go up anyway never mind having to cover my excess and lose no claims etc for the car fixing... Cheers guys
  10. I play a ton of destiny - have a clan and we raid every week, that being siad one of our members left just before xmas and we had a christmas N00b join us - he is almost at the same level as us now, although he does play prob 15-20 hours per week. Point being - its very easy to catch up and its def worth buying.
  11. Cheers gents - been away too long
  12. yo folks, i heard this was to be RGB's ghey tinder clone so couldn't wait to sign up
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