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What a nightmare.  As some of you know I asked about 64 bit windows and the comments all seemed to be good about it so I went ahead and installed windows 7 64 bit.  All went ok and then the little window at the bottom that previously was telling me that windows 10 was not available for my m/c was now telling me it was.  So off we go and download windows 10.  All went well and I started to put my stuff back on.  Wally had previously told me about a program called rollback which does what it says and rolls back your windows to a previous time.  I had used this before in my windows 7 when I had a problem and it worked to great effect so I thought I would install in windows 10.  BIG mistake.  Computer booted up but got an error message saying "Driver IRQL not less or equal".  Cut a long story short I had to reinstall windows 10.

I had saved all my I.E favorites to a file so managed to install these back.  Clicked on Datashack forums and its asking me for my password,  Err what is it.  Anyway by the time I had tried half a dozen passwords I had been locked out for 15 mins. Well i'm back again now but what does every body else do about saving passwords?  Do you use the same one all the time?  Do you write them down?  Whats the best way?

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