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  1. 1. lottery

    • keep it a secret
    • tell people
    • carrying on working
    • quit work

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I can never understand why would you go public on winning the lottery??


You leave yourself wide open for begging letters, getting robbed because they know you have money and all the other crap that goes with it.


As i was once told by an old guy. Look, Listen, Observe and keep your mouth shut ;)

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I remember watching a program about previous lottery winners. There was this young guy who won it, he ended up having to move away after announcing he'd won I think it was roughly 10 million and the vast majority of local people shunned him. Anyway, he said the problem was, "If I went into local and bought everyone a drink they called me a flash bragging bastard, if I went into the local and didn't buy anyone a drink I was a tight bastard , I couldn't win".


I'd keep it as quite as possible, and if I won enough I'd buy 3 or 4 smallish getaway homes around the world and jaunt between them all year round. I liked the idea the guy in the USA did. He bought a luxury RV and travelled around the world.

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aye id keep it a secret but no doubt people would find out when you started buying houses etc.

id chuck work in an instant and change my phone number right away n only give it out to a select few so stop all the beggars and "new friends" annoying me.

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