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john Inman from are you being served


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just read about this now thought id share incase you had not heard about it,

police probe claims are you being served  ,star john Inman sexually assaulted a 13yr old schoolboy in the 70s . 





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I think the police should spend their time investigating the living. The guy is dead and all that will be achieved is wasting public money. There are plenty of other celebrity and high profile nonces that need to be dragged before the courts.


I couldn't agree more there are lots still alive to be investigated

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Why suddenly and after the person's dead does the allegation suddenly come to light ?. I'm not saying he did or didn't but we can all make accusations once the persons dead and cannot defend themselves. This is 40 years ago and 9 years after his death for fook sake. We've so much shit going on in the world with one thing and another and we're gonna spend tax payers money on this ??.

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