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Have you ever met a famous person online?


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I play an online browser game and have got to know the singer/actor Meat Loaf. To start with i thought he was bullshitting but it actually is him. I get on well with him but i'm not really a fan so not exactly starstruck. He's an ok guy and he says he's just a regular person but he's got an ego the size of moon but just doesn't realise it. Crazy guy, spends all his spare time playing online games and celebrity fantasy US Football. He's squeezing in a new album and a final christmas album although the final album may have gone to pot because he's had health problems.


Have you met a famous person online? If so who and how?

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Meet famous(ish) people nearly on a daily basis and chat to some online (that I know) if that counts


A few years ago I was out clubbing and this guy asked me to dance, you could tell he thought I would say yes, but I knew who he was straight away and even though I am a Man U fan I  said no. He said do you know who I am and I said yes Nicky Butt. You should have seen his face. I knew it was Paul Scholes he wasn't impressed but I thought it was funny.

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Who's the most famous?



no idea mate tbh.


loads of tv celebs, actors n the likes.


met the hoff a few weeks ago, dunno if hes the most famous one ive met right enough.  joan collins, patrick stewart, pierce brosnan, sylvester mcoy, david tennant kinda people


got david nielson and chris gascoyne from corrie in at the mo (never seen it so ive no idea who they play)

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