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Thinking about buying a metal detector


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Looking for a summer project for me and the kids during the school holidays. 

I seem to remember on MS someone was bang into this and had found loads of stuff. 

We do have some historical forests nearby and I thought it might be a good project to buy a second hand device and then sell it as the summer ends, 

Does anyone know anything about this?



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no idea myself mate but from db1@MS



Been doing it for quite a while and there's  lots of good starter machines out there. Garrett's do some good starter machines. My little one uses a Eurotek pro, comes in at about £199. Also worth getting a pinpointer for buzzing round the holes, and a shovel for digging the holes.

It's on par with my mid range machine easily. There's a site called regtons worth having a look at and there's a discount code for 10%. (dawndisc)

The hardest part is getting the permissions, a lot of the farmers know just want club digs, the organisers charges  £15-20 for the day and then bung the farmer a few quid.

Got a few things with flo at the moment, found a nice Tudor silver gold guilt dress hook. I t goes to the coroner then goes to the museum if there interested then if any museum wants it they'll buy it off you.

When i first did i thought it was just a chilled crowd finding a little history, some of these guys dress like Rambo and give it the big johnny potatoes with their my tetctor is better than yours. I dig a while back they had tea and cakes stand, someone thought it would be funny to give everyone weedcakes, about 10 ended up in hospital😲

If your on fb there's loads of groups to have a nose at.

and xr4x4


It's certainly an addictive hobby 🙂

As db1 says, Garrett have some good machines, I started off with a Ace 250, while not amazingly deep it did give distinctive tones and wasn't too heavy..

Don't forget to factor in a good strong light spade, and it won't be long before you will probably want a pin pointer too, although not a necessary, it certainly helps! can't go wrong with a garret there too.

I currently use an Xp Deus that set me back just under £1000 used, (few years back) .. Just wish I could get the permissions so I can use it again.

 (stay clear of any cheap "Maplin" detectors and alike, they really are crap)

Plenty of groups on Facebook.


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2 of my m8s decided to invest in one each. They asked and got access to a huge farmers field.

They spent one long summers day scouring the whole field hitting false readings one after the other, cans , barb wire, screws nuts and bolts.

When they'd done they were going back to their car knackered and sun burnt when they bumped into the farmer.

The farmers asked "find out ?" my m8 said all day weve been at it and all's we sodding found was 1 half friggin penny.

The farmers wife then walked by and said to her husband:-


"Well, thats saved us a few quid in diesel ploughing that field."


They never went again and sold their gear

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