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PC Upgrade


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Have been thinking of an upgrade too but is it worth it ?  I'm running an old  X58 skt 1366 motherboard with a Xeon 5675 cpu ( upgraded from an i7 920 12 months ago) 12GB ram , Geforce  970.

I used to allways try and get the lastest hardware but that got to exspensive. This runs all the games I want,  Farcry 5 etc

I keep seeing all thees new CPU coming on the market and keep asking myself should I upgrade  or wait for somthing to fail ?



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Wait for something to fail crash, your in the same boat as me. My PC like yours does everything i throw at it and plays every game currently on the market no problems. Thing is nowadays the hardware far exceeds software and upgrades are not needed as much as they were say 10-15 years ago where you constantly had to keep upgrading the hardware to keep up with the software.

As they say mate, "If it ain't broke".

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Yea that's a beaut m8, good ryzen chip, octacore, good bandwidth, and 16 gig's is a good starter, you can add to that at a later date, also the motherboard is a little basic, but again, this is something you can replace in the future, 


all in all, this will get your foot on the 1st rung of the ladder, i think you will like this ryzen malarky ;)


open to debate though if anyone can suggest better, tbh, its winner takes all in this game.


just one thing i would suggest though, as tempting as motherboard bundles are, usually one component is always a let down, here it's the motherboard, that's only worth about 50 quid on most sites., ok i am not writing this off, maybe try get the individual components, that way you get a good all rounder. what i find when you go for these bundles, you usually run out of usb ports really fast, and then you find out the pci express ports are quite minimalistic too :( So when searching make sure the expandability is good, so about a minimum of 3 pci express slots, lots of dimm sockets for ultimate memory upgrades, and just make sure the mobo can seat a pretty heft cpu, this one is good, coz the 1800x is pretty high end :)


If you want me to knock up a similar quote/package , let me know m8, itll be fun (but not for your wallet haha) jk ;)


Good luck m8


Slim :)

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