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Not sure if anyone's interested but seems like a lot of the privacy type coins are doing really well at the moment, in fact pretty much all crypto's are taking off like rockets!


John McAfee recommended Verge (XVG) a few days back, I bought some in July when it was $0.002 today its $0.15 its actually up 920600.06% since the start of the year when it was something like $0.00001


It was also mentioned in "the sun" newspaper yesterday too. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/5180704/verge-price-buy-xvg-cruptocurrency-bitcoin/

McAfee also mentioned Dash, and Monero, over the last few weeks dash has gone from $300 to $1500 or 14965.95% increase over the last year

Monero is only a modest 5404.64% up over the year...

Chart of % increases of coins over 30 days / 90 / 365 days.


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