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Any of you with Bitcoin read this please


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There is a change happening to the network on the 25th October. 

Its uncertain when it will happen, but here is a clock updated every min with a guess of the time. 



This is important. (its only my opinion but its fairly certain in my book) The prices are increasing ridiculously at the moment, because when this change happens your going to get some extra currency (if your coins are in certain wallets)  of a new type of bit coin (Bitcoin gold). The consensus is it will be worth very little though. 


The problem is, people are buying bitcoin  like crazy as they want some of the new currency. After the 25th, This thing is going to drop in price massively, as people exit once they have the new token. 

Id strongly suggest putting your money into fiat on Tuesday night, ride out the storm, and then rebuy at a lower price after its all passed. 


Just my opinion mind..




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