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Old pound coins


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For those who don't know they old round pound coins will no longer be legal tender in shops and businesses after this Sunday.

With this in mind me and the mrs collected all ours up yesterday. I had 16, mainly in the bottom of drawers from when i unload my pockets before putting stuff in the washing machine. She had 28, again from change she puts in drawers and the bottom of the countless handbags she owns. I also collected up all my loose change and took it to one of those coinstar machines, got £38 back after they took their 10 percent. The mrs is going to cash her change in at the weekend, she must have loads because she has several old vases loaded up with change.

I also have about 300 euros and 100 dollars of holiday currency in a drawer, not to mention bits of other currency.

How much do you reckon you have in change and old pounds knocking about or have had when you cashed it in?


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i had one of those big plasic bottles you get on water fountains full of coppers, took a good few years to fill it,  had to put it on a trolley to get it out of the house and walk it to the local tesco to the change machine(well the kid pushed it),it was like moving a safe ffs.  i cut the top of it in the store and spent about 2 hours spooning the change into the machine, think he got about £300 and something out of it so well worth the effort. 

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