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1 hour ago, HackmanSlim said:

not bad m8, just a quick question though, whats the best way to search for news items ?


I always struggle finding what i want :(


I stopped using nzb's a few years back as the dmca take downs were shocking and what not.

Not sure whats used nowadays but things like binsearch, SABnzb, nzbsrus, newzbin and ofc nzbmatrix etc etc were all good sources for finding nzb's, most were similar to torrent sites, click and away you go sort fo thing..

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been a long time since needed usenet,an easy way to use it free with hitnews,xennews and a couple of others i forget,so possibly more rubbish than the other 2 is use this account creator tool to make you some trials in a couple of clicks.


using this webmail and its autoresponder for verification mails saves even having to do that


a few minutes your connected.thats more time than i would waste downloading anything.

not perfect and does involve several mouse clicks but might be handy for the odd thing.

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