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Traktor is my fav DVS 

You can control most dvs software with the most basic midi controllers with the right connectors or WiFi to midi software. So I've done that :) My fav was a bcd2000 that cost me about £25 on the auction site. I've got some high end stuff for fooling around on the decks but the bcd2000 held its place as a browser, loader, FX unit and general DVS function controller in my setup for a long time due to its versatility. 

You can map a phone or tablet to do the same things btw (I did that too), with software like TouchOSC, MidiTouch, or Lemur quite easily. I prefer the feel of a physical controller myself but using a tablet is a good way of testing out the software functions and testing layouts before deciding on a controller (while you figure out which functions you actually use and therefore how many buttons, knobs n sliders you want on a controller).

It takes a few minutes for Traktor to analyse and beatgrid your tracks so it can do it's magic (snap everything you do to the grid to hold your mixes in time) but that only needs doing once. Older tunes and wibbly wobbly rips can be a problem for DVS software as they like a straight beat throughout the track, so you may need to adjust the grid yourself or use the tap function to tap in the beat on the fly, when you need it. Once that's done tho, you'll be Jesus posing in da mix in no time m8.



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