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2FA - Google Authenticator


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I have enabled the 2FA for that extra bit of account security, this can be switched on by following the below:

1) Goto username up the top


2) Enter account settings


3) Enter account security


4) Enable Google Authentication and follow steps - (Scan Code etc)


5) Great Success


When you login from this point on you will be asked for your 2FA code as well.



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1 hour ago, Mik25 said:

2fa has been bypassed for nearly 2 years...i did post on ms at the time..but if it gives you a nice false sense of security fill your boots. 

Bypassed or not surely 2fa is better than just a standard user and password? i assume a hacker has to have a bit more about them to bypass 2fa than a learner....in which case it may be a false sense of security but then isn't any form of technical security just a false sense? after all if it can be protected it can be unprotected, if it can be encrypted it can be decrypted and so on.

1 hour ago, Neoburner said:

That was the VM bypass wasn't it... I thought they sorted that out?

I was going to post yesterday as i remembered mik posting about it a few years back and its more than just virmin (paypal, google, microshaft, etc) but again i thought it has to be slightly better than no 2fa sites, plus no offence but i can't see why anyone would go to the bother of hacking us and our 2fa when if your capable of bypassing 2fa you can go after banks etc etc. Other than the kodi section a simple register and you have access to the site anyways. :D 

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8 minutes ago, Mik25 said:

was just a heads up tbh guys...i must post some fillers for the kodi section access then as its dying a slow death

Always appreciate your input mate. Will be nice to see your input in the kodi section etc as your far better than i at all that IPTV stuff etc so get bloody posting so you get access.



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